Industry Experience

The Consultancy and Technology Services that Virtus offers have been applied to organisations across many industry sectors. The experience that we offer our customers comes from many years of work in many specialist fields. Some of this work has been undertaken by Virtus while other work has been undertaken outside of Virtus by our associates. Below is a high level summary of the industries that Virtus employees have worked in.


Our founder and UK Transformation lead has over 20 years experience of consulting, programme management and directing transformation programmes across Financial Services, the majority of which has been in the Insurance and L&P sector.

Virtus has had detailed exposure to the Telco sector having worked with Vodafone, AT&T and Motorola. Our work with Vodafone and AT&T was concerned with the understanding and management of voice and video data that was being streamed in from multiple sources in real time, and making this available in a datastore for analytics tools such as Tableau and Qlik View.

We have helped manufacturing organisations to understand the “art of the possible” in applying innovation in the IoT space to their existing products and also to their manufacturing processes. While providing consultancy around IoT we have also been able to demonstrate what can be done by way of proof of concepts that showed how data innovation can be used to drive new products and services.

Our experience in this sector has been to lead a global business transformation, combining several separate businesses into one global business. This touched on almost every functional area in a global distributed business.

We have worked with a number of organisations, providing both consultancy and technical services to help push forward the adoption of technology primarily in support of assisted living. We were responsible for managing a portfolio of strategic implementation programmes with both County and Major City councils in the UK. One of the results of this was that over 16,000 homes in the UK had assisted living technology installed to support the independent living of our elderly population and those with special needs.

Virtus were part of two pan-European Horizon 2020 consortia, comprising Universities and commercial organisations that undertook research into transportation safety and infrastructure failure risk reduction. One project looked specifically at rail transport safety (“GoSafe Rail”) and the other at predicting and hence preventing failure in the pan-European 10-T transportation network (“Safe-10-T”) – rail, road and waterways. The research looked at advancing how Machine Learning and AI could predict where civil infrastructure may fail (e.g. because of the effects of global warming) and provided a decision support tool to help managers decide where to make the best investments to minimise risk profile. The Safe-10-T website explains in some detail what was achieved by the consortium.


Virtus undertook a consultancy project within a consultancy team in the Pharmaceutical (“Pharma”) industry to define the IT Services that would be required for a specific initiative and to design a Target Operating Model (TOM) to support the delivery of those services.

Virtus provided Executive Interim management services to the central UK Energy trading company. This comprised restructuring one of the organisation’s functional areas and managing the successfully delivery of a critical IT system for the UK Energy Industry.

Virtus provided specialist Azure services to a forward thinking construction company that wanted to build on its initial use of Azure and leverage more of the capabilities that were available from Azure Cloud Services. This gave us a good first hand understanding of the data that is used across the Construction Industry and how the effective use of analytics (in this case provided by Power BI) can transform how a construction company can run its operations.

Virtus India has invested considerable effort into understanding the many challenges and opportunities that exist in the B2B and B2C interactions of the small to medium retail business sector. This has led to Virtus India developing a highly adaptive Mobile Phone application, and associated back end services that together provide a comprehensive mobile ERP platform and mobile sales channel for small businesses. This platform was first used for water bottle distribution in India, where it and the associated business service are collectively known as “Moya the Waterman”.

We have undertaken a detailed specialist technical consulting project in the farming industry on behalf of another consultancy. This project leveraged our extensive knowledge of cloud data platform technologies, specifically Azure and AWS, and associated operations, to help assess the strength of a proposal by a major IT organisation to supply an advanced specialist data platform and services for the farming sector.