We have been working with our customers since 2009 on resolving complex challenges by delivering actionable insights utilising our StreamCentral solution.

The world of connected devices (sensors, smart phones, laptops, meters, etc) provides a vast pool of detailed and instantly accessible information. Organisations that learn how to readily transform this into new insights about the services and products they provide stand to gain tremendous market advantage.

Real-time insights that can be acted on instantly, or as trends and patterns are revealed, drive continuous improvements to the quality and scope of products and services, and support improved investment decisions.

Utilising our StreamCentral technology, Virtus has the knowledge and experience to help organisations gain new insights into the products and services they provide and the operations that deliver them.

Over time we have added to our product portfolio, which has allowed us the broaden the nature of the Solutions that we have offered our clients.


Great Customer Experience Management (CEM) and delivering a consistently high Quality of Experience (QoE) are the cornerstones of leading Telco service providers. As new and more complex technologies and applications emerge, so maintaining first class CEM and a high QoE becomes more challenging. StreamCentral allows Telco service providers to stay on top of the challenge.

Personal Care and Safety

The quality of life, safety and peace of mind of the elderly, people with learning difficulties, people with dementure and others, as well as the people who care for them, can be significantly improved by the appropriate application of assistive technologies (telecare and mobilecare solutions). StreamCentral significantly enhances the monitoring and responce capabilities of the organisations that offer tele/mobile care services.

Tele and Mobile Health

The cost of providing healthcare continues to rise as does the instance of diseases such as Diabetes which consume large amounts of healthcare resources. Significant advances are being made in telehealth and mobilehealth devices that monitor the vital signs and general health of a person. Delivering the specific information from such devices that clinicians and doctors want to see in a suitable, reliable and timely manner is something that StreamCenral is engineered to do.

Utilities – Water

The uncertain effects of climate change and population growth will exacerbate the already problematic issue of water stress. Ageing infrastructure, the cost/efficiency of energy usage to deliver water and the increased difficulty of building major new water infrastructure bring further challenges to ensuring a sustainable water supply. Innovation in water technology, underpinned by advanced monitoring solutions that deliver new and actionable Operational Intelligence as well as new investment insight will play a major role in delivering a sustainable water supply as we move towards 2020.

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