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StreamCentral accelerates the designing, development and execution of Business Intelligence and real-time Big Data solutions.
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Get Real-Time Value from
Real-Time Data
StreamCentral accelerates the modeling and building of Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions. Powerful real-time Operational Intelligence and On-Demand Business Intelligence can now be delivered in days and weeks, a small fraction of the time that may have been expected for such outcomes.
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Industry Solutions
With solutions for Telco, Healthcare and Utilities, transform quality and scope of services, improve investment decisions and gain competitive advantage.
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Connect Big Data
Plug in Big Data with StreamCentral and gain powerful real-time insights.
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StreamCentral + real-time + Big Data = game changerLearn why you need to consider StreamCentral as part of your Big Data strategy

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  • Events


    The essential things that happen when your business delivers its service, the things you need to know more about..

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Huge sets of data that are connected or relevant to your business, and when analysed will become the key basis of competition, innovation, service and productivity improvement..

  • Insights


    The results from comprehensive analytics performed on Big Data, which reveal anything from how your organisation can improve a process, to how it can transform itself or its market..

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